How to learn to paint with oil paints? Many aspiring artists seek to find the answer to this question

Many people wonder how difficult it is to draw pictures, what is needed for this, and how long it will take
July 15, 2017
There are several types of oil technology: a la prima and multilayer
December 15, 2017
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How to learn to paint with oil paints? Many aspiring artists seek to find the answer to this question

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There is an opinion that the canvases created in this technique are simple in execution, and the method of work itself is suitable for those who have just begun their acquaintance with painting. However, such an attitude to the paintings and the process itself distinguishes lovers. Professionals know how difficult it is to create an oil painting.

Skilled craftsmen have been learning the art of drawing with oil paints for years. Difficulties await beginners at every turn: the process may seem too complicated for them, and numerous corrections will make those who are used to quick and easy achievement of a result be nervous. But the opportunities this great technique opens up are worth a long study. You will be able to create beautiful and delicate sketches, sketches in pastel colors or an expressive and picturesque canvas. An overflow of colors and a highlight game will make your work a real masterpiece.

Many fans of fine art are trying to paint in oils, but not everyone can master a method that requires hard work and takes up a lot of time from a young artist. But if you still decide to start classes, be patient and be prepared for annoying mistakes. Remember: all great masters passed through the path of corrections and improvements, but none of them left their craft due to difficulties.

What needs to be done first? Buy paint. Their choice is not an easy task for a beginner.

It is believed that it is best to purchase a set of tubes;
Do not be afraid that you will not have enough colors: take only those shades that you will need to work on the picture;
White and yellow paints end very quickly: buy them in large tubes;
Take 2-3 samples: in this way you will provide yourself with the necessary stock of drawing material.
What products to choose
Many artists believe that the best way to lay down on canvas is paint for professionals – premium. They are much more expensive than other samples presented in specialized stores, and are distinguished by bright colors and a good consistency.

Getting started: what paints need to be purchased:

natural umber;
golden ocher;
red dark or light cadmium;
Neapolitan or Indian yellow
The necessary tool for practicing painting are brushes. How not to get lost in the existing variety of materials?

Many people choose artificial samples: such products are durable and copes well with exposure to washing solvents and paint textures;
Natural hair brushes are not suitable for painting with oil paints and should be used for other techniques.
You also need to buy varnishes and special oil, which makes the paint more liquid, and applying it to the canvas is comfortable and easy. The basis for the work should not absorb much moisture. Most often for this technique of painting products are chosen from the following materials:

sacking (great for drawing etudes);
Carefully inspect the canvas before you buy it. Do not take a relief pattern, if threads are sticking out of it, and knots and bumps have appeared on the surface.

Materials purchased and you can safely get to work. How to start to paint with oil paints on paper and canvas? Should I mix different tones and use non-standard bases? The recommendations of professionals will help you to believe in yourself and get closer to the skill of famous artists. Do not forget about daily workouts, and your paintings will become a unique work of art.

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