Talent to draw laid in every person since childhood

We select the tools for oil painting if you want to start to paint
February 22, 2017
Many people wonder how difficult it is to draw pictures, what is needed for this, and how long it will take
July 15, 2017
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Talent to draw laid in every person since childhood

All people have been trying to draw since childhood. Someone does it well and in the future a person connects his life with art, but someone succeeds far from everything. Everyone at least once in his life was in a gallery or at an exhibition of paintings. And, of course, from time to time there was a desire to take and draw something for yourself, just for yourself. Today we will tell you where to start our work.

Stretched canvas;
2. Palette;
3. Pencil 2B;
4. Decorating brush 25 mm;
5. Brushes for oil;
6. Oil paints.

Oil paints are sold, either in specialized stores or in ordinary supermarkets. They are of two types: a set in which several different colors of paints are represented, or they are sold individually. It is best to buy oil paints separately. First of all, you can replenish your collection this way, due to the fact that you will use some color more often, and some less often. Secondly, if you run out of paint of a particular color, you just need to buy it, and not to purchase a whole set.

Brushes is best to choose special, for working with oil. The most convenient will be brushes from pork bristles. They are more solid and perfect for your work. Better not to experiment and do not paint with your fingers, it can be dangerous, as oil paints are very toxic.

The palette may also be needed in the work. If you plan to draw constantly, then you should buy a special wooden palette. But in principle, the role of a palette can be performed by a glass or a plate. Paint on the palette should be squeezed out gradually, from left to right. You should never immediately mix light and dark colors. The middle of the palette should remain empty, where we will mix our colors. There are also special whitewash that can be applied between paints. Usually they are spent a lot, so it is better to stock up on them in advance.

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