There are several types of oil technology: a la prima and multilayer

How to learn to paint with oil paints? Many aspiring artists seek to find the answer to this question
November 22, 2017
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There are several types of oil technology: a la prima and multilayer

A la prima is a technique that involves the rapid application of paint on a canvas. This technique does not require preliminary sketches in pencil. We paint the landscape with oil, we are still gradually, but very quickly. If you do not have time to finish your picture, you can finish it the next day, as the paint, by this time, has not dried yet. In this technique it is absolutely not important, we paint the sky with oil, or paint mountains with oil, or paint water with oil, the main thing is a copious amount of paint.

Multi-layer technology is suitable for longer work. This technique involves applying several layers of paint. When we paint nature with oil, we need it, just such a technique. Since in one picture, you can combine many images and transfer them to the canvas.
We paint the landscape in stages, we always. Do not grab at all at once. To begin, apply what you want on the canvas with a pencil. This is done in order to properly distribute the ton and paint in the future. After, it is recommended to apply the primer. In principle, there are canvases already saturated with primer. The primer itself helps the paint to adhere better to the canvas.

This is the easiest way to get started. Prepare the necessary paint and make a few shades of green on the palette. Initially, if you are in doubt in your abilities, draw the desired pencil. And after, already use paints. Apply paint to canvas smoothly, bottom to top. Below, use a darker paint, on the contrary vice versa, lighter. Carefully work with a brush, do not make too heavy lines so that they do not turn into a blot.

Water is the next stage, more complex. Try to convey the colors of shallow water and depth. This can be done using a brighter blue color or vice versa dark blue. Take a canvas and approximately mark on it with a pencil the places where it is deep and where it is shallow. Prepare paint on the palette. Apply paint to the canvas gradually. First draw a section where it is shallow, use light tones of paint for this, after the depth, a dark blue color is already useful. Do not forget about color transitions. You can also draw waves with small strokes of white paint.

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